Property Insurance

Insurance of buildings, structures, premises, as well as equipment, furniture and other personal property against damage or loss due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances (such as fire, explosion, theft, floods and other natural disasters, and other insured risks)

General information
Sum insured
Premium calculation

The preliminary calculation of the insurance premium for property insurance for a period of 1 calendar year was made in accordance with Zurich’s Property All Risks Insurance Rules ((including exceptions for terrorism, sabotage, machinery breakdown and equipment, strikes and civil unrest).

The specified value of the insurance premium is preliminary. It is not an offer and is determined according to the conditions specified above and the values entered / information provided by you. The preliminary calculation of insurance premium is valid for 30 calendar days.

To conclude an insurance contract, please complete an Application form for property insurance and send it to Zurich to receive a final quotation. If the prospective Policyholder provides additional information, changes the previously specified data or the desired insurance conditions, the amount of the insurance premium and other conditions may be changed.

If there is a need to clarify the provisions of the Insurance Rules, possible insurance conditions, please contact Zurich.

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