Cargo insurance

Insurance protection for cargo owners against the risks of physical loss or damage to goods, including as a result of illegal actions by third parties, whilst in transit by any mode of transportation.

General information

The preliminary calculation of the insurance premium to insure the cargo for the period of its transportation was made in accordance with Zurich’s Cargo Insurance Rules (including exception for hostilities, strikes and civil unrest, temperature risks, shortages, planned storage, fraud, unloading in a place other than indicated in the bill of lading, delivery of cargo to unidentified persons using forged documents).

The specified value of the insurance premium is preliminary. It is not an offer and is determined according to the conditions specified above and the values entered / information provided by you.

The preliminary calculation is valid for 30 (thirty) days if the policyholder does not have any new cases of loss, destruction or damage to similar goods, occurring between the date of calculation and the date of the policyholder's request for a commercial offer, and absent any international economic sanctions and / or embargo in in relation to any cargo, vessel or legal entity related to the transportation. In the event of any such changes in the risk conditions, the Insurer has the right to change the conditions or cancel this calculation. If the prospective Policyholder provides additional information, changes the previously specified data or the desired insurance conditions, the amount of the insurance premium and other conditions may be changed.

To enter into an insurance contract, please complete an Application form for cargo insurance and send it to Zurich to receive a final proposal on the conditions of insurance.

If there is a need to clarify the provisions of the Insurance Rules or possible insurance conditions, please contact Zurich.