Management team
Marina Sotova
Marina Sotova Chief Executive Officer
Tamara Okromchedlishvili
Tamara Okromchedlishvili Chief Underwriting Officer
Evgeniya Smirnova
Evgeniya Smirnova Head of International Program Business and Customer Distribution
Ereena Somov
Ereena Somov Chief Claims Officer
Anna Shuraeva
Anna Shuraeva Chief Compliance Officer
Natalya Yasinskaya
Natalya Yasinskaya Chief Financial Officer
Natalya Vlasova
Natalya Vlasova Chief Accountant
Olga Rybina
Olga Rybina HR Director
Artem Tabakov
Artem Tabakov Head of risk-management
The information about the management of Zurich Insurance Company JSC posted on this website is posted with the consent of each individual to the processing and dissemination of their personal data. That consent is not subject to any separate conditions or prohibitions. Dissemination of their personal data is made for the purpose of informing clients and potential clients about the company's management.

Board of Directors
Tamara Okromchedlishvili    Evgeniya Smirnova    Marina Sotova     Artem Tabakov     
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